Chopped Strand Mat (Emulion/Powder)

Product Description

Chopped Strand Mat is a sheet consisting of chopped glass fibers of 50 mm each, bonded to each other with a polymer binder (powder or emulsion). Glass mats are compatible with polyester, epoxy and vinyl ester resins.

Glass mats are suitable for production by contact molding and pressing. Glass mat end products include boats, hockey boards, plumbing fixtures, pipes and containers, as well as covers and partitions for them, and much more.

Chopped Strand Mat E20/P20 Specification

  • High strength, which allows the use of glass mat for the production of large products by contact molding.
  • Excellent cut and spread over the surface.
  • Drapes well, absorbs resin quickly and dries quickly.
  • Low resin consumption.
  • Excellent strength characteristics of the final product.
  • Mats are excellent for the production of products exposed to aggressive environments.
Moisture Content
Lubricant Content
Breakage Strenght
MethodISO 3374ISO 3344ISO 1887ISO 3342
225 Powder225 (1±6%)≤0.154.5(1±31%)≥80
225 Emulsion225 (1±6%)≤0.154.4(1±31%)≥80
300 Powder300 (1±6%)≤0.153.5(1±31%)≥90
300 Emulsion300 (1±6%)≤0.154.0(1±31%)≥100
450 Powder450 (1±6%)≤0.152.5(1±31%)≥120
450 Emulsion450 (1±6%)≤0.153.7(1±31%)≥140
600 Powder600 (1±6%)≤0.152.5(1±31%)≥150
600 Emulsion600 (1±6%)≤0.153.5(1±31%)≥160



We accurately and safely pack the goods on pallets, as well as select the optimal dimensions for the most dense loading.

Loading is possible in two ways:


Net weight 19 metric tons


Net weight 24 metric tons

CSM Emulsion E20 TDS

Jushi CSM Emulsion Technical Data Sheet

CSM Powder P20 TDS

Jushi CSM Powder Technical Data Sheet