Assembled Roving

Product Description

The technology of fiberglass production by spraying has become widespread in the manufacture of products from fiberglass and resin, as well as in the creation of large products from this composite, such as hulls of boats, boats, yachts, vehicle cabins, railway cars, etc.

Types of Assembled Roving supplied by Apex:

JUSHI 180 Assembled Roving Specification

Spray roving is an assembled glass roving manufactured by JUSHI on a special modified silane lubricant No. 180 for the production of fiberglass products by spray up. 180 assembled glass roving is compatible with polyester, vinylester and polyurethane resins.
The 180 lubricator is specifically designed for high performance equipment and is suitable for creating vertical surfaces, making it the most flexible and most popular solution for boats, yachts, swimming pools, vehicle bodies, pipes and more.

  • Excellent cut and spread over the surface.
  • Excellent static control.
  • Easy to roll out with a roller.
  • Excellent strength of the final product.
  • Excellent resistance of the final product to aggressive environments.
  • Excellent distribution on vertical surfaces.
Fiberglass typeE
Lubricator code180
Linear density, tex2400 – 4800
Fiber diameter, µm13
Linear Density
Moisture Content
Lubricant content
Breakage Strength
ISO 1889ISO 3344ISO 1887ISO 3375

OCV P209 Multi-End Roving Specification

OCV P209 Multi-End (Spray-Up) Roving represents a compelling solution for fabricators that want to save time while realizing optimal performance for continuous process spray-up applications.

This type of roving produced with patented Advantex corrosion resistant E-CR glass by Owens Corning, and also Compatible with polyester and vinyl ester resin systems.

  • Low fuzz combined with ease of chopping.
  • Provide optimal performance for spray-up applications.
  • Superior processing performances.
  • High performance on vertical parts and large or complex molds.
Fiberglass typeAdvantex
Lubricator codeP209
Linear density, tex2400
Linear Weight
Loss of Ignition
Moisture Content
ISO 1889ISO 1887ISO 3344



We accurately and safely pack the goods on pallets, as well as select the optimal dimensions for the most dense loading.

Loading is possible in two ways:


Net weight 19 metric tons


Net weight 24 metric tons


Jushi 180 Assembled (Spray-Up) Roving
Technical Data Sheet


Owens Corning OCV P209 Assembled/Multi-End (Spray-Up) Roving
Technical Data Sheet